New Cars Coming in May 2024: Check Out the Latest Models!

New Cars Coming in May 2024: Hello friends, welcome to our new article, today we are going to talk about the latest models that are going to be launched in 2024, so we are going to share the details of these cars here today, so stay with us till the end of this article to know the complete details about these cars.

If we talk about it, then there is news of launch of total 12 cars in which here we are going to talk about Gurkha 5 Door, Swift 2024, Tata Altroz Racer cars. 12 new vehicles In May of 2024–2025, Gurkha 5 Door, UX, EQA, Swift 2024, and A3 2024 will be introduced in India. There are nine SUVs, three hatchbacks, four sedans, and one minivan among these forthcoming vehicles.

New Cars Coming in May 2024

Gurkha 5 Door

Force has introduced a five-door version of its best SUV Gurkha in India. The car is reported to be launched on May 05, 2024. The company has given a long wheelbase in this SUV. The prices of this new SUV will is around Rs. 16 Lakh.

The wheelbase of the Force five-door Gurkha has been extended by 425 mm. The wheelbase of the three-door Gurkha is 2400 mm, while the wheelbase of the five-door Gurkha is 2825 mm. Its height with roof carrier is 2296 mm, while without roof carrier its height is 2095 mm. Its turning radius has also become 6.3 meters. Now seven passengers can travel together in this five-door SUV. Its ground clearance is 233 mm.

The company has given iconic LED headlamps in it. Apart from this, it has 18-inch dual tone alloy wheels, ladder roof access, new upholstery, second row bench seat, third row captain seat, nine-inch touchscreen infotainment system, Apple Car Play, Android Auto, manual AC, roof AC vent.

Swift 2024

The car is reported to be launched on May 09, 2024 And if we talk about the price then the expected Rs. 6 Lakh. The new Swift is expected to sport a refreshed exterior design. Speculations suggest a clamshell bonnet, which could provide a sleeker and more aerodynamic look compared to the outgoing model. A new setup for LED taillights and headlamps might add a touch of sophistication.

  • 360-Degree Camera: This feature would enhance parking maneuvers and provide a better overall view of your surroundings.
  • Reverse Camera: A standard feature in many new cars, a reverse camera would aid in reversing into tight spots.
  • Touchscreen Display with Infotainment System: A touchscreen infotainment system for music, navigation, and phone connectivity is a possibility. Features like Bluetooth connectivity, GPS, and internet connectivity might also be included.

Tata Altroz Racer

The car is reported to be launched on May 20, 2024 And if we talk about the price then the expected Rs. 10.00 Lakh.The Altroz Racer isn’t just about raw power; it flaunts a sporty aesthetic that matches its performance. Early glimpses hinted at a captivating dual-tone paint scheme that screams individuality. Twin racing stripes adorning the bonnet and roof further accentuate the car’s aggressive stance. Subtle yet impactful changes like “Racer” badging on the front fenders and a redesigned grille complete the exterior makeover. New 16-inch alloy wheels with a dynamic design add the finishing touch, ensuring the Altroz Racer turns heads wherever it goes.

  • To give a sporty look to the Altroz Racer, it has been given a newly designed mesh grill.
  • Instead of the old red color, it will now be launched in bright orange color.
  • Besides, orange stripes will also be seen instead of red, which gives the car a racing feel.
  • 16 inch dual-tone alloy wheels make the look of the car even more stylish.

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What is the difference in wheelbase between the three-door and five-door Gurkha?

The wheelbase of the three-door Gurkha is 2400 mm, while the five-door Gurkha’s wheelbase is extended to 2825 mm, making it longer by 425 mm.

When is the Tata Altroz Racer expected to be launched?

The Tata Altroz Racer is expected to be launched on May 20, 2024.

When is the expected launch date of the 2024 Suzuki Swift?

The 2024 Suzuki Swift is reported to be launched on May 09, 2024.

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