Maruti Suzuki Arena CSD Price List March 2024

Maruti Suzuki Arena CSD Price List March 2024: Hello friends welcome to our article today we are going to talk about Maruti Suzuki Arena CSD Price List March 2024. Sources about this car We have found some data for you and we are going to provide that information to you here, so let us see furtherprice list details.

Maruti Suzuki India Limited, the biggest automobile manufacturer in India, operates the Maruti Suzuki Arena retail chain. Maruti Suzuki Arena shops provide a large selection of cars, including vans, SUVs, hatchbacks, and sedans, to meet the various demands and tastes of Indian customers.

Maruti Suzuki Arena CSD Overview

Maruti Suzuki automobiles are mostly marketed under the Arena and Nexa subbrands. The premium retail division, Nexa, sells five models, with the remaining ten vehicles being marketed under the Arena brand. Additionally, the company offers all of the Arena line in CNG variants because to the growing demand for CNG vehicles.

Maruti Suzuki Arena CSD Price List March 2024

Maruti Suzuki Arena CSD Price List March 2024

ModelVariantCSD Price (INR)
Alto K10LxiRs 4.2 Lakh
VxiRs 4.4 Lakh
Vxi+Rs 4.7 Lakh
CelerioVxiRs 5 Lakh
ZxiRs 5.25 Lakh
Zxi+Rs 5.75 Lakh
Vxi AMTRs 5.66 Lakh
Zxi AMTRs 5.84 Lakh
Wagon RLxiRs 4.8 Lakh
Vxi 1.0Rs 5.2 Lakh
Zxi 1.2Rs 5.4 Lakh
Zxi+ 1.2Rs 5.75 Lakh
Lxi CNGRs 5.65 Lakh
Vxi CNGRs 6.1 Lakh
Vxi AMT 1.0Rs 5.7 Lakh
Zxi AMTRs 6 Lakh
SwiftLxiRs 5.35 Lakh
VxiRs 6.1 Lakh
ZxiRs 6.7 Lakh
Zxi PlusRs 7.35 Lakh
Vxi AMTRs 6.55 Lakh
Zxi AMTRs 7.15 Lakh
Zxi+ AMTRs 7.84 Lakh
ErtigaLxiRs 7.89 Lakh
VxiRs 9 Lakh
ZxiRs 9.99 Lakh
Zxi PlusRs 10.7 Lakh
Vxi AutomaticRs 10.3 Lakh
Zxi AutomaticRs 11.45 Lakh
Vxi CNGRs 9.9 Lakh
Zxi CNGRs 11 Lakh
CiazDeltaRs 8.85 Lakh
ZetaRs 9.2 Lakh
AlphaRs 9.99 Lakh
Delta AutomaticRs 9.99 Lakh
Zeta AutomaticRs 10.35 Lakh
Alpha AutomaticRs 11.2 Lakh
BrezzaLxiRs 7.55 Lakh
VxiRs 8.9 Lakh
ZxiRs 10.1 Lakh
Zxi PlusRs 11.5 Lakh
Vxi AutomaticRs 10.2 Lakh
Zxi AutomaticRs 11.6 Lakh
Zxi+ AutomaticRs 12.9 Lakh
IgnisSigmaRs 4.9 Lakh
DeltaRs 5.5 Lakh
ZetaRs 5.95 Lakh
AlphaRs 6.7 Lakh
Delta AMTRs 5.95 Lakh
Zeta AMTRs 6.5 Lakh
Alpha AMTRs 7.2 Lakh
Alto K10Vxi AMTRs 5.1 Lakh
Vxi+ AMTRs 5.4 Lakh
FronxSigmaRs 6.6 Lakh
DeltaRs 7.37 Lakh
Delta PlusRs 7.71 Lakh
Delta Plus AMTRs 8.21 Lakh
Delta Plus TurboRs 8.61 Lakh
EecoAC 5 Seater with CNGRs 5.8 Lakh
S PressoLxiRs 4.3 Lakh
VxiRs 4.5 Lakh
Vxi PlusRs 4.7 Lakh
Vxi AMTRs 5.2 Lakh
Vx+ AMTRs 5.5 Lakh
Swift IgnisYet to be introduced
Grand VitaraZeta MT Smart HybridRs 12.8 Lakh
Alpha MT Smart HybridRs 14.2 Lakh
Zeta Plus Strong HybridRs 16.75 Lakh

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What is the meaning of CSD in cars?

The price list for two- and four-wheelers from the Canteen Stores Department (CSD) includes all the information about the cars that are available in the Indian market together with their discounted prices. There are 34 CSDs throughout the nation as of right now.

What are the prices of Maruti Suzuki Arena models listed under the CSD Price List for March 2024?

In this article we have given you all its details. If you want any more information about this vehicle then you can check by visiting the official website.

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